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Teachers are often seen as altruistic, benevolent figures with little to no lives outside of their role in the education and development of other people’s children. Cutting loose on the weekend however could have significant and detrimental impact on teachers who are accused of drinking and driving, whether or not that charge is based on legal fact or not. Here’s what to know about how your teaching job may be affected by a DWI arrest and how you can get legal help as soon as possible.

Public Perception

Typically, drinking and driving charges are made known to the public usually via a newspaper post. As the person arrested for drinking and driving, you have a limited ability to control or improve the public narrative that may be forming against you.

There is a reason for the saying that you have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Instead of trying to manage your reputation during a DWI investigation, working with an experienced Maryland DWI attorney can help you navigate this process more easily.

Your Current Job

Unfortunately, your current employment is also on the line. If the administration and hiring director at your educational facility obtained records of your arrest and DWI charges, they may begin looking for legitimate reasons to let you go. That said, they need very little evidence to justify their termination of your employment. This is because Maryland is an at-will employment state, meaning that an employer can choose to let you go for nearly any reason that is not discriminatory.

Future Employment

Because DWI arrests are a matter of public record, your background checks done for future employment opportunities will most likely turn up with this information. Prospective employers, particularly in the education sector, are less likely to hire qualified teachers if they have a DWI on their record, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the arrest. The nuances of the scenario are typically not included in public records, so future employers would only know that you were arrested for drunk driving and not any extenuating circumstances that may have impacted your decision.

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If you’re a teacher and have been charged with drinking and driving, your rights, reputation, and future career are on the line. It’s important that you act quickly to secure comprehensive, competent legal advice during this difficult time. Contact Richard Brueckner today for assistance by dialing 410-430-1464 day or evening.