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Federal DUI Laws

If you are arrested for drinking and driving on federal property, like a national park or a post office, you will face a different set of penalties than if you were charged with a state crime. It’s important to understand the differences so you can make informed decisions about your case. Read more about federal DUI laws and how to get help from a Maryland criminal defense attorney below. 

Drunk Driving on Federal Property 

A federal drunk driving charge doesn’t differ in many ways from a state charge, other than the former taking place on federal or national property, like a national park, post office, monument, or airport. The severity of your penalties is usually assessed by the judge presiding over your case and is impacted by how negligent or egregious the offense was. 

For example, you will likely face harsher penalties if you were excessively inebriated, if you had a child in the vehicle, or if you caused an accident of some kind that injured someone or caused property damage. 

Preparing for the Potential Consequences & Your Attorney’s Defense  

Federal authorities use a different set of laws than state authorities in criminal cases. You could be charged with a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a potential sentence of six (6) months of incarceration and a fine of no more than $5,000. 

To defend you, your DUI attorney will start by looking at how the prosecution’s case can be weakened. For example, say the police failed to properly test your blood alcohol concentration or made mistakes when administering field sobriety testing. Your lawyer can undermine the credibility of this evidence, which may get withheld from the court. Without it, prosecutors will have much more difficulty getting a conviction. 

Other potential defenses include attacking the validity of the stop itself, suggesting that there wasn’t enough probable cause for the police to lawfully pull you over, and offering legitimate reasons why you may have appeared intoxicated, such as having certain medical conditions or taking prescribed medications. 

Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney for Assistance? 

Maryland criminal defense and DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner understands the fear and frustration faced by people who were charged with federal offenses. You need a zealous, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer at your side to help advocate for your legal rights under Maryland and United States law. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 410-430-1464.