What Will My Car Insurance Carrier Do After I’m Charged with a DWI?

What Will My Car Insurance Carrier Do After I’m Charged with a DWI?

Posted on : March 16, 2020

A DWI charge can be expensive in more ways than one. Here’s how a conviction can have a negative impact on the availability and cost of car insurance. 

What Are the Penalties for DWI Convictions in Maryland?


DWI charges are often misdemeanors, although they may be charged as a felony in aggravated cases. Even as a misdemeanor, a DWI imposes stiff penalties, including jail time, losing your driving privileges, thousands of dollars in fees, and mandatory alcohol rehabilitation or counseling. These penalties become harsher with each subsequent DWI charge. You should also be concerned about changes to your car insurance coverage. Your provider may cancel your policy entirely or charge more for it, or you may have a hard time finding new insurance willing to cover you at an affordable rate.

How Your Insurance Carrier Looks At DWI Charges 

The primary job of a car insurance company is to determine the risk that someone will cause an accident before providing them with coverage or deciding how much to charge for coverage. Risk factors like driving drunk, reckless driving, speeding, open container, and other charges often related to DWI are considered to be extreme and are heavily factored into the decision to offer an insurance policy. Typically, carriers will evaluate your driving and criminal records before extending an offer, and if your risk is too high, the insurance company might not be able to find justification for doing so.

Special Circumstances: Someone Else Driving Your Car Got the DWI 

If someone else was driving your car when they were stopped for DWI, their own insurance policy should feel the impact of the offense versus your own. The vehicle matters less than the insured — for example, if you get a DWI while driving someone else’s car, you are the insured and would, therefore, face the consequences. 

When to Call a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assistance 


If you were charged with a DUI in Maryland, it’s critical that you reach out as soon as possible to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney, ideally one that focuses on DWI defense. If convicted, your life could change dramatically in an instant. Your attorney can help you fight for your rights and freedoms under the law and increase the chances that the case against you will be dismissed or the penalties reduced. 


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