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If you are pulled over and arrested for drinking and driving, you’re likely to face more criminal charges than just a DWI. In many cases, police actively search out evidence that supports additional violations that can also be charged. Here are some of the more common charges that accompany a DWI charge and what you need to know to get the legal help you can trust. 

Reckless Driving In Maryland

Driving recklessly is arguably the most common criminal charge to go along with DWI. The nature of driving under the influence of alcohol can be considered reckless on its own, and often, a police officer will simply charge a defendant with both crimes without extra evidence supporting the reckless driving charge. 

Open Container 

If you had an open container with an alcoholic beverage inside your vehicle at the time of your arrest, you’re likely also to face charges for violating open container laws. 

An open container can be an open beer bottle, a previously opened wine bottle (even if recorked), a mixed drink in a cup that you’re bringing home from a restaurant, or any other container of alcohol that can be accessed from within the cabin of the vehicle. 

Police Evasion 

If you did not stop your vehicle immediately upon being pulled over, you could be charged with evading the police. Even if you were simply looking for a safe, well-lit place to pull aside, if you didn’t stop right away, you may be looking at both evasion and DWI charges.  

Resisting Arrest 

Resisting arrest is often used any time a defendant is difficult to arrest, even if it’s simply because they are confused, frightened, or intoxicated. If you pulled against officers, swore at them, recoiled if they hurt you, or did anything other than comply perfectly when being arrested, you could be charged with resisting arrest in addition to any and all other charges the police want to bring against you.  

Stopped for a DWI? Get Help from an Experienced Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Today 

If you were pulled over and arrested for DWI in Maryland, it’s important that you act quickly to protect your rights under the law. Seasoned criminal defense and DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner has the experience and skills needed to zealously defend you when it matters most. 

He has specific experience defending clients against multiple charges and will work hard to see that the charges against you are dismissed or reduced. Call now for your consultation at 410-430-1464. 

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