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A DWI conviction can result not only in expensive fees or perhaps potentially jail time, but a conviction may also cause your driver’s license to be suspended.  Simple activities like traveling to school or work, making it to important appointments, and doing household care tasks like grocery shopping can become a significant issue when you have to rely on public transportation or the kindness of others. 

Here’s what you should know about a hardship driver’s license and how a DWI lawyer may be able to help you. 

What Is a DWI Hardship License? 

A DWI hardship license, also simply called a hardship license, is a special driver’s license that you may be able to obtain following a DWI conviction that allows you to drive only to certain places. 

Who Can Get a Hardship Driver’s License? 

Typically, a hardship license is only available to first-time DWI offenders. If you’ve been convicted or found guilty of drinking and driving a second or third time, chances are a hardship license isn’t going to be an available option. First-time offenders may be able to obtain a hardship license if they can demonstrate a clean driving and criminal record other than the current legal matter. 

What Does a Hardship License Allow? 

If granted, a hardship license may allow the defendant to drive to and from: 

  • School
  • Work
  • Daycare or babysitter 
  • Drug and alcohol rehab meetings 
  • Court hearings 
  • The doctor’s office or hospital 
  • The grocery store 

What You May Need to Prove to Get a Hardship License 

You’ll need to prove that you need each specific place that you request to be allowed to go using your hardship license. For example, your W-2s may be used to show you are employed and where. If you have a health condition that requires frequent medical appointments, you may be asked to provide records of your illness, who your doctors are, and where they practice. 

How an Ocean City Attorney Can Help 

At RJB Law, LLC, we understand how challenging it can be to get back to normalcy after a DWI arrest. It can impact every facet of your life, from your job to your relationships. Getting a hardship license can help. Contact Richard Brueckner today for a consultation to discuss your options and how you may be able to apply for a hardship driver’s license by calling 410-430-1464. 

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