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Were you or a family member charged with drinking and driving? Here’s what you need to know before you pick up the phone to call a DWI lawyer. 

1. Understand You Don’t Have the Luxury of Time 

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of time after your arrest to protect your legal rights. The longer you wait to get help, the more time the prosecution has to build a compelling case against you. Waiting to hire an attorney can be detrimental to your outcome. 

2. You Should Consider More Than One Candidate  

Think about hiring an attorney sort of like a job interview. After all, your DWI defense lawyer will be working for you, so it’s important to make sure they’re the right fit for the job. Meet with multiple attorneys to discuss your case before settling on the one you feel is the best choice. 

3. You Can Benefit From Taking Advantage of the Free Consultation Where Offered 

Many lawyers offer free preliminary consultations to get a feel for a potential client’s case and to decide whether or not they want to take it on. You can also use this time to your advantage by talking through potential defense strategies and how the evidence available in your case can be used to your benefit or detriment. 

4. Always Ask Questions and Write Down the Answers  

It will likely be difficult for you to remember everything that was said during your legal consultation, especially if you’re meeting with multiple attorneys. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify what is being said or to get important information like what maximum penalties you face and what your chances are of reducing them. 

Write down the answers in a separate notebook that you can refer back to later when making your final decision on which attorney to hire. 

5. You Should Be Comfortable With and Confident In Your Selected Lawyer   

Before you make the decision to hire a lawyer, make sure you’re comfortable with them and confident in their skills to represent you. Avoid hiring attorneys who you don’t feel a rapport with; it doesn’t mean they’re not good attorneys, but it does mean that your case may not go smoothly with them. 

Call Richard Brueckner Today for Experienced Representation After Being Arrested for Drunk Driving 

Don’t wait after being arrested for drunk driving to contact a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. Call Richard Brueckner now for your consultation at 410-430-1464.

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