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DWI charges are better avoided than fought when at all possible. Here are some ways you can reduce your risk of being charged with drunk driving in the first place. 

If you do happen to get arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, there are numerous legal options available to you depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. Here’s what you should know and how to get the legal help you deserve following a drunk driving arrest. 

Purchase a Portable Breathalyzer  

You might consider a portable breath test to be something that people convicted of a DWI charge are required to use to drive their car or at certain points during check-ins with their probation officer. However, they can also be used proactively to make sure you’re not exceeding the legal limit of alcohol before you start your car’s engine. 

For example, if you keep a breathalyzer in your glove box or in a purse, you can quickly check your intoxication levels before driving. If you blow a 0.09%, you could likely stick around another hour, have something to eat, and be fine to drive home — however, a second test will tell you for sure. 

Be Aware Of Your Individual Limits 

How each person processes alcohol differs. Some people may process it very quickly, while it stays in the bloodstream longer for others. Tolerance levels, weight, sex, and whether or not you’ve eaten can all affect how well you’re able to metabolize the alcohol that you drink. Be careful not to exceed your personal limits and if you do, hang your keys up for the night. 

Arrange for Another Ride Ahead of Time  

Even if you fully intend on responsible drinking and being able to drive yourself home, it’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan on hand. If you happen to drink more than you anticipate and it’s no longer safe for you to drive home, having a backup plan means you won’t be stranded or pressured to drive drunk. You can arrange to have a sober driver before heading out, or you can simply catch an Uber home and retrieve your car the next day.

Did You Get Arrested For Drunk Driving Anyway? Call Today  

Did you catch a DWI charge despite your best efforts to avoid one? Don’t hesitate to reach out for legal help to protect your rights. Call experienced Ocean City criminal defense attorney Richard Brueckner today for your appointment at 410-430-1464.