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Underage Drinking Charges and Consequences in Ocean City

In Ocean City, Maryland, the party often stops abruptly for underage drinkers when the flash of police lights signals trouble. Let’s unpack the legal suitcase of an underage drinking charge—what it contains could weigh down one’s future with more than just a hangover.

What Lands You in Hot Water?

First and foremost, understanding what qualifies as an underage drinking charge in Ocean City is key. It’s not just about being caught with a red solo cup in hand; the scope of offenses is broader.

  • Possession: Holding a beer? That’s possession, and it’s enough to get you booked.
  • Consumption: If you’re under 21 and there’s alcohol in your system, you’re in violation. Simple as that.
  • Purchasing: Attempting to buy alcohol with a fake ID? That’s a one-way ticket to legal woes.

The Price to Pay: Fines and Beyond

The consequences of underage drinking in Ocean City don’t just hit your wallet; they can have far-reaching implications.

  • Fines: Expect to take a financial hit with fines that can reach up to a hefty $1,000.
  • Community Service: You may find yourself donning an orange vest and picking up trash on the streets of Ocean City instead of soaking up any other type of fun.
  • Alcohol Education Programs: Mandatory attendance at alcohol education classes could be in your future, making for a sobering experience.

The Ripple Effect of a Record

A citation for underage drinking isn’t just a slap on the wrist; it’s a stain on your record that can bleed into various aspects of your life.

  • College Admissions: Universities aren’t just looking at your grades; a misdemeanor might just tip the scales against you.
  • Job Opportunities: Employers conducting background checks will raise an eyebrow at an underage drinking charge, potentially costing you your dream job.

Case by Case: Ocean City’s Legal Precedents


Ocean City’s courts have seen their fair share of underage drinking cases, setting legal precedents that serve as cautionary tales for would-be offenders.

  • Civil Citations: These are more than just a piece of paper; they’re a public record of your misstep.
  • Criminal Charges: Get entangled with underage drinking charges in a criminal case, and it could be a shadow following you long after the summer tan fades.

In Ocean City, the law is as clear. With the city’s vigilant police force and the stern hand of the legal system, those under 21 who flirt with alcohol face more than just immediate repercussions—they risk casting a long shadow over their future opportunities. So, as the waves crash and the boardwalk buzzes, remember that in Ocean City, the best way to stay afloat is to keep it legal and keep it dry.

Penalties and Enforcement Strategies

When it comes to underage drinking charges in Ocean City, Maryland, the penalties are more than just a slap on the wrist—they’re a full-on bear hug from the long arm of the law. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what those youthful indiscretions might cost you and how local law enforcement is working to keep the beach vibes responsible.

The Sting of the Fine

The financial penalties for underage drinking can make quite a dent in your summer job earnings. Here’s what your bank account could be up against:

  • Maximum Fines: Hold onto your board shorts—fines can soar up to a whopping $1,000.
  • Court Appearances: It’s not just about the money; you might find yourself trading flip-flops for formal shoes in a courtroom.

Undercover and Underage

Ocean City Police aren’t just patrolling the boardwalk; they’re blending in to root out underage drinking. Their strategies are as stealthy as a seagull swooping on your beach snacks:

  • Undercover Operations: Think that friendly tourist might be an undercover cop? You could be right!
  • RAAM Program: The Reducing Availability of Alcohol to Minors initiative means police are working double time to ensure local businesses aren’t serving up trouble to teens.

Play It Safe—The Sober Alternative

It’s not all about punishment here in Ocean City; there’s also a focus on prevention through positive reinforcement. The Play It Safe program is a light for those looking to have fun without the fuzz:

  • Alcohol-Free Events: From volleyball tournaments to karaoke contests, these activities are all about good, clean fun—no booze required.
  • Engagement Over Enforcement: By promoting engaging activities, the program gives youngsters a compelling reason to skip the spirits and stick to soda.

In the end, the message from Ocean City is crystal clear: keep the spirits buried in the sand and treasure your clean record. Avoid underage drinking charges. With strict enforcement strategies and a treasure trove of alcohol-free alternatives, the city is on a mission to ensure that the only thing high school seniors are high on is life and the adrenaline from catching the perfect wave. So next time you’re in Ocean City, remember that the best memories are made with a clear head and a clean record.

Local Resources for Underage Drinking Charges

Ocean City, Maryland, has a reputation for being a family-friendly beach destination, but let’s face it—sometimes things get a little out of hand. Underage drinking charges can throw a serious wrench into your beach week plans, not to mention your future. Fear not! The city provides a host of resources to guide you through the legal squalls.

Legal Assistance

First things first: if you find yourself facing charges, you’ll need a legal eagle to navigate the stormy seas of the justice system. Here’s where to turn:

  • Ocean City Maryland Criminal Lawyer: Meet Richard Brueckner, a local legal lifeguard ready to dive into your defense. His expertise in underage drinking charges could be the difference between a minor setback and a tidal wave of trouble.
  • Public Defender’s Office: If you’re struggling financially, the Public Defender’s Office might throw you a lifebuoy. Pro tip: they’re not just for felonies, so check if you qualify for their services.

Counseling Services

Sometimes, a brush with the law is a wake-up call to reassess your choices. Ocean City has counseling options that can help you paddle back to shore:

  • Ocean City Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee: These folks are the local lighthouse, offering guidance to keep you off the rocks.
  • Local Rehab and Counseling Centers: They offer a safe harbor to talk through your challenges and plot a new course.

Educational Programs

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding the consequences of underage drinking. Educate yourself to avoid future high water:

  • Play It Safe Program: Beyond just fun and games, this initiative educates about the risks of underage drinking. Who says learning can’t be a day at the beach?
  • Ocean City Police Department’s Senior Week Safety Tips: This isn’t your average beach read, but it’s packed with practical advice to keep your Senior Week from going overboard.

Official Information

Stay up to date on the latest in local laws and enforcement efforts—ignorance isn’t bliss when you’re in legal hot water:

Remember, Ocean City takes underage drinking seriously, and so should you. With the right resources at your disposal, you can sail through troubled waters and get back to enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. Stay informed, seek help if needed, and keep your youthful memories happy, not handcuffed.

If you are facing Underage Drinking charges, have your parents give Rich Brueckner a call for help at 410-430-1464

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