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Talbot Street Beach DWI Lawyer

Hiring a Talbot Street Beach DWI Lawyer: Navigate Your Path Towards Justice

You’re on vacation, enjoying your time on Talbot Street Beach, Ocean City Maryland. Suddenly, you find yourself facing Driving While Impaired (DWI) charges. Unexpected, stressful, leaving you bewildered and seeking advice. At this moment, it may seem like your world has turned upside down. But that’s exactly why Criminal Defense & DWI Lawyer Richard Brueckner is here. With a decade of defending DWI cases under his belt, he offers the legal help you need.

Understanding DWI Laws in Ocean City Maryland

Should you find yourself facing DWI charges, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with Maryland’s DWI laws. One of the most important aspects to remember is that DWI is a serious offense in our state and carries substantial penalties. The Maryland Transportation Code §21-902 considers it unlawful to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Penalties could include fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. It’s this significance of penalties, that underscores your need for a competent Talbot Street Beach DWI Lawyer.

Your Legal Ally: Richard Brueckner, Criminal Defense & DWI Lawyer

When faced with DWI charges, you need to fall back on someone who knows the ropes — an experienced, authority DWI lawyer. Richard Brueckner’s credentials speak for themselves. Equipped with his vast knowledge and experience, he stands ready to protect your rights. You can reach him on 410-430-1464 or visit his office on 6300 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842. To learn more about his practice, check out his website at ocdwilawyer.com.

Common DWI Questions: Your Concerns Addressed

What is the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit in Maryland?

In Maryland, the BAC limit for a DWI charge is 0.07%. For people under 21 or operators of commercial vehicles, the limit is lower.

Can I refuse a breathalyzer test in Maryland?

Technically, you can refuse the test. However, you’ll likely face an immediate license suspension for the refusal, as Maryland operates under “implied consent” law.

What happens if I’m convicted of a DWI?

The penalties for a DWI in Maryland include hefty fines, requisite participation in a substance abuse treatment program, a mark on your criminal record, and potential jail time. The penalties can influence your life long after the actual charge.

Can a Talbot Street Beach DWI Lawyer really help?

Absolutely! A skilled, local DWI lawyer like Richard Brueckner will not only provide you vital advice for your case but they’ll also know the local courts, judges, and procedures – which can all influence a trial and its outcome.

Local Resources

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Ocean City Police Department Link
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Ocean City District Court Link
Alcoholics Anonymous in Ocean City Link

Alleviate your stress. Receive personalized legal advice catered to your DWI case from a seasoned Talbot Street Beach DWI Lawyer. Your rights matter, and that’s why Richard Brueckner is here — to help you navigate this rocky journey with his decade-long expertise, and commitment to serve.

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