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Ocean City Open Container Charges Lawyer

Open Container Charges Lawyer | Your Trusted Ocean City Advocate

What You Need To Know About Open Container Charges In Ocean City, MD


Alcohol Possession And Open Containers In Ocean City

A day out on the boardwalk or relaxing on the beach is a treasured pastime in Ocean City, locals and visitors flock to the beach for a reprieve from their daily lives.  But what happens when you add alcohol to the equation?

What Is An Open Container In Ocean City?

An “open container” is any bottle, can, or other receptacles containing alcoholic beverages that are open or have had their seal broken. This definition applies regardless of the amount of alcohol present in the container.

Where Open Containers Prohibited In Ocean City?

In Ocean City, it’s illegal to possess an open container of alcohol in public spaces. This includes streets, sidewalks, beaches, parking lots, and vehicles. The law aims to prevent public intoxication, disturbances, and other alcohol-related issues in these areas.

  • Exceptions to the Rule Certain designated areas or events in Ocean City may allow the consumption of alcohol under specific conditions. However, these are exceptions and should be verified with local ordinances and event regulations.
  • Penalties for Violation Violating the open container law in Ocean City can result in fines and, in some cases, legal action. The severity of the penalty often depends on the circumstances of the violation and any concurrent offenses (e.g., public intoxication or underage drinking).
  • Legal Implications and Defense If you’re cited for an open container violation in Ocean City, it’s important to understand your legal rights and options. In some cases, there may be defenses available, such as challenging the citation’s validity or arguing the area was not clearly marked as a public space.

Why It Matters

For residents and visitors alike, understanding Ocean City’s open container laws is crucial for enjoying the city’s vibrant public spaces without legal complications. For those facing charges, consulting with a knowledgeable Ocean City criminal defense lawyer can provide guidance and help mitigate the consequences of a violation.

Ocean City, MD Open Container Ordinance

Ocean City Maryland will not give you a pass for open alcohol containers in any public area—in any public way, period. Alcohol consumption is generally very regulated as it is, and publicly drinking out of an open container of alcohol can land you in a jail cell and you could be facing a misdemeanor charge. In fact, simply carrying an open container of alcohol is a violation of Ocean City’s Ordinance. It is strictly prohibited to consume or carry open containers of alcoholic beverages in public areas like the Beach, Boardwalk, or Parks to name a few.

Did You Receive An Open Container Citation? Let A Former Prosecutor Help You. Call Now: 410-430-1464

The laws and regulations surrounding Open Containers may vary throughout the state of Maryland. It is important to note that in Ocean City, an Open Container Citation is a jailable offense.  A seasoned attorney can help you fight to keep the Open Citation off of your record. If found guilty, there is a maximum penalty of up to 90 days in jail along with a fine. Get ahead of your defense to ensure you don’t end up with a misdemeanor on your record. An Open Container Charges lawyer can help you. Call me today get started.



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