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Ocean City MD Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking Lawyer In Ocean City, Maryland

In Ocean City, Underage Drinking Laws are as clear as the waters off of our coast: alcohol consumption for those under 21 is a no-go. While Maryland laws may be nuanced, Ocean City Maryland waves a big red flag at underage drinking in both public and private settings.

Consequences of Underage Drinking Arrests in Ocean City

Imagine this: You’re a minor caught with a red cup filled with more than just soda in Ocean City. Here are the consequences you may face:

  • First Offense Fines: A first offense isn’t just a slap on the wrist. Minors can expect a fine that might have them handing over their summer job earnings, up to $500 for getting caught with alcohol.
  • Repeat Offender? Heavier Wallet Hit: If you’ve been down this road before, the fines double, reaching up to $1,000. That’s a whole lot of beach fries and boardwalk tickets out the window.
  • Driving Privileges on the Line: Think you might just drive away from your problems? Think again. Underage drinking can lead to the suspension of your driving privileges, leaving you stuck catching rides instead of waves.
  • Misdemeanor Charges: Beyond financial penalties, minors face potential misdemeanor charges, which is a serious entry on anyone’s record, especially for someone just starting their adult life.
  • Legal Process Post-Arrest: Following an arrest, you’re thrust into the legal system where you’ll need to navigate the murky waters of Maryland’s justice process. It’s not just a court appearance; it’s a series of steps that can include everything from arraignments to potential probation.

Let’s be clear: Ocean City isn’t trying to put a damper on your fun. These stiff penalties are there to remind everyone that safety and responsibility are the name of the game. After all, nothing ruins a fun day like a run-in with the law. So, if you’re under 21, stick to the soda and save the spirits for later in life.

Surges In Underage Drinking

Ocean City encounters a stark transformation during some special events and celebrations. Teenagers eager to celebrate with friends often find themselves looking for fun on the edge of excitement and risk, with underage drinking at the forefront.

  • Seasonal Surge: Ocean City’s population explodes in the summer, bringing with it a surge in underage drinking incidents that local law enforcement must address.
  • Special Events: With countless events throughout the year, teenagers are eager to leave their houses and get into some “fun”. Unfortunately, some teens think fun can be found in alcohol.
  • Legal Boundaries: Despite Maryland’s nuanced alcohol laws, public areas in Ocean City offer no leeway for underage consumption, setting the stage for potential conflicts.

Ocean City’s Response to Underage Drinking


Ocean City, Maryland, has long been a beloved hotspot, its boardwalk buzzing with the laughter of teens and the jingle of arcade games. But beneath the cheerful surface, more serious issues can bubble up: underage drinking. In a town that swells with seasonal visitors, maintaining the balance between youthful merriment and lawful behavior is no small feat.

Let’s dive into the specifics of Ocean City Maryland drinking Laws:

  • Strict Public Prohibitions: Ocean City enforces a strict ban on public possession and consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21—a rule that extends to its sandy shores, bustling boardwalk, and even those seemingly inconspicuous alleyways.
  • Private Property Exceptions: A sip of wine at a family barbecue might pass muster, provided it takes place within the privacy of a residence and under the supervision of a consenting adult of legal drinking age—Maryland’s nod to family autonomy.
  • Recent Ordinance Updates: The city council, like vigilant lifeguards, has recently updated local ordinances to further ensure the safety and well-being of its younger population. A new juvenile curfew now tucks in the town’s youth at 11 p.m., while Boardwalk bathrooms shutter by 10 p.m., ensuring that the evening’s tides flow more smoothly without the undercurrents of underage alcohol consumption.

Ocean City’s commitment to maintaining its family-friendly ambiance is evident in these laws and amendments. By steering the youth away from alcohol-related activities, the city not only preserves its wholesome image but also sets a course for safer, more enjoyable experiences for all who come to bask in its coastal charm. With the community’s support, these Drinking Laws aren’t just words on paper—they’re the buoys that help keep Ocean City’s festive yet family-oriented spirit afloat.

Impact Of Ocean City MD Drinking Laws

The expected impact of these rules is clear: a reduction in juvenile alcohol-related incidents. And while some might argue about the potential effectiveness of these ordinances, Ocean City stands firm in its decision. The hope? That these actions will safeguard the carefree nature this town is known for, without the sour aftertaste of unlawful underage drinking.

Local Resources for Underage Drinking Charges

Navigating the choppy waters of legal repercussions for underage drinking in Ocean City, Maryland, can be as daunting as facing a rip current. But fear not, for there is a lifeline of local resources and support systems ready to throw a buoy to minors tangled in the seaweed of the legal system:

  • Richard Brueckner: At the helm, we have Richard Brueckner, a local law firm specializing in DWI defense, including Juvenile defense. RJB Law provides legal counsel and aims to steer minors towards rehabilitation, rather than a wipeout on their permanent record.
  • Ocean City Police Department: For those wanting to know the lay of the land straight from the watchtower, the OCPD’s official guidelines on juvenile arrest and custody matters offer clarity. They outline how the department handles cases involving underage drinking and curfew violations, ensuring that everyone knows the rules of the beach.
  • Local Government Websites: Looking for a compass to navigate state laws? Government websites serve as a repository of knowledge, outlining the dos and don’ts for minors and the potential penalties they face. It’s like having a map of buried treasure, only this treasure is the invaluable knowledge of your rights and responsibilities.

Remember, the consequences of underage drinking can cast a long shadow over a sunny day.

If your child has been charged with an Underage Drinking offense, you need an experienced juvenile defense lawyer contact Richard Brueckner for help at 410-430-1464.

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