Proudly Serving Ocean City, Maryland

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Proudly Serving Ocean City, Maryland

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Media Kit

Over 15 Years of Criminal Defense Experience
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Former Prosecutor

Rich Brueckner is a former Prosecutor, States Attorney for Wicomico County (Maryland).

  • Gun Prosecutor
  • Crime Control Prevention
  • Head of the Heroin Reduction Program
  • Assisted in putting Diversionary Programs in place for the State of Marland.
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Criminal Defense

Rich works on over 400 cases each year, proudly serving Ocean City, the Eastern Shore, and Worcestor County at large.

  • Pre-Arrest Treatment & Diversion Program: Founding Partner
  • Travels the country as a speaker to get Diversionary programs setup nationwide for non-violent offendors.
  • Founded Surf Into Integrity for kids while still a prosecutor.
  • Alcohol & Addiction
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Rich and his family are intimately involved with the community of Ocean City, Maryland. He has participated on various community boards, supported local organizations, and help found programs to help youth.

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For the Media

Located on this page are our media kit materials including a downloadable attorney profile, biography, headshots for Richard J. Brueckner, and a high-resolution logo that can be used in print media.

Any member of the media that requires additional information or materials, would like to schedule an interview, or needs a criminal attorney opinion, source or quote, please contact our media department directly at admin@lawgrow.pro

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RJB Law Firm Essentials

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Our main office is located in the heart of Ocean City with a sister office at Ocean Gateway for easy access to Rich Brueckner and our team.

Photographs& Logos


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For additional media, reach out to our media contact at admin@lawgrow.pro.




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