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It’s common knowledge that if you drive drunk, you could be arrested or get into a serious accident. But can the same happen if you’re not actually drinking? This is an important question that many innocent people with a DWI record want to know. 

You can get arrested for a DWI in Maryland even if you haven’t been drinking under some of the following circumstances: 

You Failed a Field Sobriety Test 

If you submitted to a roadside sobriety test and didn’t pass it, this can easily lead the officer who pulled you over to believe you may be intoxicated. However, field sobriety tests are notoriously inaccurate and even sober drivers fail them. 

Your DUI Is For Drugs, Not Alcohol 

If your breathalyzer test is negative and the officer is still making an attempt to pursue the idea that you are impaired, they may ask you questions about any medications you are taking or may have taken before you drove. You do not have to answer these questions and it’s in your best interests not to do so. 

Never bring loose medications in the car with you and make sure that your prescriptions have your name, date of birth, and updated information on the bottles if you have to keep them with you at all times. Otherwise, it’s better to leave them at home. 

You “Slept It Off” In Your Car 

Many people think it’s a good idea to head to the backseat of their car to sleep off the alcohol before they drive again. The car isn’t moving, so it should be fine, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. A police officer can still arrest you for drinking and driving if you are in your vehicle and you have possession of the keys with which to operate it. 

Stay the night somewhere else if you can, or give your keys to a friend who will not be in your vehicle for safekeeping so the police cannot say you had the ability to drive. 

How to Get Comprehensive Legal Representation After a DWI Arrest 

Don’t wait to get legal help after being arrested for driving while intoxicated, especially if you weren’t drinking and driving at all. Your rights and future are on the line and the next move you make could impact you for the rest of your life. Make sure it’s the best one. Call criminal defense and DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner at 410-430-1464 now for a consultation.

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