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If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Maryland, it’s important that you understand some legal basics and discuss with your criminal defense attorney a viable strategy. There are several ways you can mount a strong defense against charges of domestic violence, and which holds the best possible outcome depends largely on the evidence available. Here’s how you can fight being charged with domestic violence.

1. False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

One of the most common reasons domestic violence claims are brought forward is false allegations. While there are certainly a number of authentic domestic violence cases in Ocean City, there are also many alleged victims of abuse that have brought forward reports as a form of revenge or a way to gain control over the defendant. If there is a lack of hard evidence against you and you can offer evidence of malintent of the alleged victim, you may be able to have the charges dropped or obtain a not guilty verdict.

2. Self-Defense

In many domestic violence cases, the defendant has actually acted in self-defense, to protect themselves — or in some instances, another person such as a child — against abuse. However, the perpetrator reports the abuse as if they were the victim, which can be made more convincing if they have more physical evidence of abuse. In self-defense cases, it’s helpful to have witness testimony or video/audio footage that proves the perpetrator instigated the violence.

3. A Lack of Evidence

To be convicted of a crime in Maryland, the judge and/or jury must believe that you commited the act beyond the shadow of a doubt. The burden of proof lies on the prosecutor, and they must prove that there is overwhelming evidence against you that it would be unreasonable to conclude that you did not commit the act. If the prosecution lacks evidence, it’s much more difficult to obtain a guilty verdict. Often, there are no witnesses to domestic violence — no real proof that the violence occurred or who the perpetrator was, other than the testimony of the alleged victim, making it easier to illustrate that there is very little evidence against you.

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