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Ignition interlocks are installed in vehicles to prevent people who have been convicted of drunk driving from operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. However, these devices can fail in several ways. Here’s what to know about ignition interlock devices (IIDs), why they’re unreliable, and how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can assist you after being arrested for drunk driving. 

Why Ignition Interlocks Are Unreliable

Ignition interlocks aren’t always reliable for several reasons. First, the devices can produce false positives in certain situations, such as if you ate spicy food and are having acid reflux, or if you used a mouthwash containing alcohol before blowing into the IID. 

These devices can also produce false negatives if they are not properly calibrated, or the interlock may fail due to simple human error. All of these issues combined can reduce the overall accuracy of readings, potentially putting a drunk driver on the road or not allowing a sober person to drive. 

IIDs Can’t Tell the Difference Between Drivers

IIDs are supposed to be installed in vehicles driven by people who have been convicted of DWI offenses, but there’s currently no way to ensure that only those drivers are using the device. Anyone who has access to the vehicle can start it if they blow into the IID, even if they are not the ones driving the car. 

Other Options For Drunk Driving Deterrence 

Instead of unreliable IIDs, educational programs may be a better alternative to drunk driving prevention. These programs can be targeted at high-risk groups, such as young adults and college students, and may include presentations on the dangers of drunk driving, the legal consequences, and the health risks. 

Such programs may even be mandated as part of a sentence for those who are found guilty of drunk driving. Additionally, providing access to public transportation and ride-sharing services can help reduce the number of drunk driving incidents by giving individuals an alternative to getting behind the wheel after drinking.

How An Ocean City, Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You 

An experienced Maryland DWI attorney can help to negotiate a plea deal that reduces or eliminates the most serious charges and prevents a person from having to spend time in jail. Contact Richard Brueckner today for a free initial consultation by calling 410-430-1464. Available day and evening, and can come to your location.