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Charged with domestic violence after defending yourself from an attack? Here’s a rundown of what evidence may be able to prove a case of self-defense and how you can get legal help after being arrested for domestic abuse.

The Alleged Victim Admitted to Violence in the Police Report

If the alleged victim admitted to the police that they were the first to instigate violence or that there was any violence on their part, this can be a strong indicator that they were the perpetrator instead of vice versa. This is especially the case when the injuries corroborate the alleged perpetrator’s account of self-defense and don’t match the account given by the alleged victim.

The Injuries to the Alleged Victim Appear to Be Self-Defense Wounds Only

The injuries to the alleged victim will be evaluated for their origin. If they seem to be inflicted primarily by someone else defending themselves, such as scratch marks or injuries from being pushed away in criminal defense, this may be enough to challenge the charges against you.

You Sustained Injuries from an Attack

If you sustained injuries from an attack that you defended yourself from, your medical records can be an important piece of evidence for your domestic violence case. This is particularly true if the injuries were clearly from an offensive attack versus injuries that appear to be from the victim defending themselves.

There’s Evidence of Damage to the Home Caused by the Alleged Victim

Police will also look for evidence of damage to your home to corroborate the accounts of both you and the alleged victim. If there is damage to the home, such as holes punched into the drywall, they will attempt to determine who likely caused the damage. For example, if the holes in the drywall are too small or too large to make with your fists but fit the alleged victim’s, this can be evidence that they were the one who instigated the attack.

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