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If you were charged with drunk driving, you may be scared of the consequences that might be ahead. Fortunately, you can take action to help repair your life after a DWI arrest. Here’s what to do and how you can reach out for help after being arrested for drinking and driving.

Sign Up for Counseling Sessions

The first thing you should do is treat the root of the problem. This may be an addiction to alcohol or drugs. An important thing you can do proactively is signed up for counseling sessions on your own before the court mandates them for you. This shows the court that you’re willing to take action on your own to rectify your mistakes.

Don’t Put Yourself In Situations That Might Trigger You

Now is an important time to stay sober. Avoid drugs and alcohol, even where legal. Don’t visit clubs or bars that primarily serve alcohol and hang out with friends who prefer to go to the coffee shop or bookstore over partying all night. This is true whether or not you struggle with addiction, but if you are an addict, avoiding triggering circumstances is imperative to your success.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

Getting support from friends or family members is a great way to help repair your life after being arrested for drunk driving. Whether you need financial help or just someone to support and listen to you, your friends and family may be a good place to turn. Spending time with people who value your sobriety and who will help keep you in check can make the difference between success and failure. If nothing else, sign up for an online support group where you can talk to people about what you’re going through.

Call a Maryland DWI Attorney

Immediately after your arrest, or as quickly as possible, you should contact a DWI lawyer in Maryland for help. Your rights and future are on the line and an attorney can help protect you during this difficult time. Representing yourself in criminal court or just going with the public defender assigned to your case can be disastrous and cost you more than just money.

To get legal assistance after a drunk driving charge, contact criminal defense and DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner. Our office is available now to help, just dial 410-430-1464.