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Carrying Concealed Weapons in Ocean City

Charged With Carrying Concealed Weapons In Ocean City Maryland?

In the scenic backdrop of Ocean City, Maryland, the topic of carrying concealed weapons remains a contentious one. As a seasoned Ocean City Criminal Defense attorney, Richard Brueckner, I am dedicated to defending the rights of those accused of such offenses, ensuring they are well-represented and informed.

Common Offenses Related to the Topic

Carrying concealed weapons in Ocean City can lead to various charges, including:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Carrying a weapon without a permit
  • Possession of a weapon in prohibited areas
  • Transporting a weapon unlawfully

Understanding the specifics of each charge is vital, and having a dedicated Ocean City Criminal Defense Attorney can make all the difference.


Common Myths/Known Challenges

Myth 1: A concealed carry permit from another state is valid in Maryland.
Fact: Maryland does not recognize concealed carry permits from other states.

Myth 2: It’s always illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Ocean City.
Fact: With the proper permit and adherence to regulations, one can legally carry in specific areas.

Framework For Defending Concealed Weapon Charges

  1. Permit Verification: Ensure the validity of any permits or licenses related to the weapon.
  2. Circumstantial Evidence: Understand the context in which the weapon was found or used.
  3. Witness Testimonies: Gather statements from any witnesses present during the arrest or incident.
  4. Legal Defenses: Explore defenses such as self-defense, possession for lawful purposes, or mistaken identity.

Obstacles/Challenges in Implementation

Defending against concealed weapon charges presents challenges:

  • Strict gun laws in Maryland
  • Public perception and potential biases
  • The complexity of inter-state weapon laws

Personal Story

I represented a client who was an out-of-state visitor in Ocean City. They were unaware that their concealed carry permit from another state was not recognized in Maryland. Through diligent representation and highlighting the genuine mistake, the charges were significantly reduced. This case emphasizes the importance of understanding local laws and having an experienced Ocean City Criminal Defense Attorney to guide you.


Possible Defenses

  • Valid Permit: Possessing a valid permit for the weapon.
  • Lack of Knowledge: Unawareness of the weapon’s presence, especially if it wasn’t on your person.
  • Lawful Intent: The weapon was intended for lawful activities such as sport or hunting.

Get help with your Ocean City Concealed Weapons Charges

Carrying concealed weapons in Ocean City, Maryland, is a serious matter with potential legal implications. However, with the right legal strategy and representation, one can navigate these charges effectively. If you or someone you know is facing such charges, contact Richard Brueckner, your trusted Ocean City Criminal Lawyer, at 410-430-1464 for expert guidance.

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