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Is It Possible To Trick A Breathalyzer?

Since breathalyzers were introduced as a means to detect blood alcohol concentration, people have been looking for ways to fool them. Is it possible to trick a breathalyzer device? Here’s what you need to know if you get stopped for a DWI in Maryland.

Mouthwashes and Gargles

Myth: Rinsing with mouthwash before blowing into a breathalyzer machine will erase the alcohol from your mouth so it doesn’t show up on the test.

Truth: The alcohol reading comes from the breath deep in your lungs, not your mouth. Besides, if your mouthwash has alcohol in it, this could cause your reading to be even higher.

Putting a Penny in Your Mouth

Myth: Putting a penny in your mouth when you take a breathalyzer test will cause the test to malfunction and be unable to get an accurate result.

Truth: Breathalyzer tests have absolutely no reaction to the copper in a penny. The most that will happen is you will have a bad taste in your mouth, both from a dirty penny and your subsequent arrest.


Myth: Breathalyzer tests aren’t as accurate for people who smoke cigarettes. If you smoke right before you take the breathalyzer, your BAC reading will be lower.

Truth: Acetaldehyde is a chemical that presents in higher amounts in cigarette smokers than nonsmokers. This compound may impact breathalyzer test results, but the likelihood is slim, even in cases of extremely heavy smokers.


Myth: Breathing really fast, or exercising, prevents the air in your lungs from staying there long enough to absorb alcohol, and thus makes your BAC reading lower when you blow into the machine.

Truth: This may work to a degree, but a police officer is likely to notice an attempt to hyperventilate or exercise just before taking a breathalyzer test. Chances are, the officer will record your suspicious behavior, which will likely negate any minute difference in the test results when it comes to defending your case.

How to Really Beat a Breathalyzer Test

If you were arrested for drinking and driving, don’t wait to get legal help. A lawyer can help you get breathalyzer test results dismissed so it can’t be held as evidence against you.

Contact a Maryland criminal defense attorney to discuss the evidence in your case and potential defenses to protect your rights. Call criminal defense and DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner today for a consultation at 410-430-1464.

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