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What Should I Expect Immediately After a DWI Arrest? 


Being arrested for any crime, especially when you may not be fully in your right mind, is terrifying. Here’s what to expect after a DWI arrest and how to get help. 

You May Be Taken to the Hospital 

If you were in a car accident or are extremely inebriated, you may be taken to the hospital for medical care. At this time, a blood sample may also be obtained from you to determine your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). You may be given medication or fluids to help you sober up. 

You’ll Be Transported to the Police Station and Booked 

When released from the hospital, you will be taken directly to the police station for booking. Here, you will be fingerprinted and your mugshot will be taken. You may or may not be asked questions by the police; if you are interrogated, you must say nothing until you speak with a criminal defense lawyer.

You’ll Be Taken to Jail 

The police station may or may not be attached to the jail in your county. If not, you will be transported there where you will await your first appearance. Typically this can take several hours and you may end up spending the night in jail before you are allowed to see a judge regarding your charges and bond amount. 

You’ll Have Your First Appearance 

While in jail, you’ll make your first appearance in front of the judge. Here, the charges and potential penalties you are facing will be read to you and you will find out how much your bond amount is. Since this happens relatively quickly after an arrest, many defendants haven’t yet contacted an attorney or are waiting to be appointed a public defender. If you can work with a lawyer from the moment of your arrest, however, your attorney will appear at this hearing and may be able to help negotiate a lower bond amount. 

You Can Bond Out or Wait for Your Court Date 

If you cannot make a bond, you may have to stay in jail until your next court date. If you can make bond, you will be released until the time of your next hearing. 

When to Contact a Veteran DWI Lawyer 

Were you arrested for drinking and driving? Contact criminal defense & DWI lawyer Richard Brueckner today for more information or to schedule your consultation. Call now at 410-430-1464.

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